You Live

Sunsets, sunrises, eclipses, meteorites, early humans, artificial humans, constructed identities, masks, film sets, props, underground, outer space, green screens, the holodeck, simulations, replication, scans, grids, logos, screen shots, downloads, the void, places I have been, places I have lived, people we admire, people who have betrayed us, people who have died, spiral staircases, forking paths, the multiverse, the repetition of days, things that could have been, snakes, and snakes eating other snakes.

A life built out of images. Dissolving, one into another. At the midpoint between two images a third image appears. Connections are made and years pass. The sequence continues moving towards the horizon which recedes into the distance. 

These contextual images without a subject become the subject. The images are the territory. Data becomes substance. Films reveal themselves as films during their final scenes. Meanwhile, you live. 

September 6th – October 19th, 2019
Et al., San Francisco